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We bring you the best online casinos for Canadians and players across the world. Each casino here is individually tested in all areas including bonuses, game selection, website speed & security, transaction times and player support. And while we can’t say which online casino is best for you, we can guarantee these are legitimate, fun and have paid us real winnings. See for yourself!

The Best Online Casino Is Your Choice

The truth is, that the best online casino is really up to you. Where you are, your favourite games, your budget, your style of play – they are all unique to you. And even though you can place a wager from the comfort of your home, your location is still a very important factor in discovering the best online casino. You have to first consider if it is even legal where you are.

In fact, before you can place a bet, there are several considerations to make, and lots of reading to be done. But advertisers don’t want you to think about that. Not every casino website can be trusted, and so if you’re new, you need to be especially careful.

If you want to know which online casino is the best, you have to play to find out. The best way to play is whatever way is safest for you. Know the casino, know the games, and know your limits, only then can you know which online casino is really the best.

The following online casinos are ones that I have already verified and summarized, so you can have a head start on finding the best online casino for you.

The 9 Best Online Casinos I've Played So Far

In 2020 Choice Online Casinos started as a way to show my mother how to play at online casinos. Now, she has been playing at these same online casinos for almost a year and her favourites are clear. In fact, she is so set on BitStarz that she hardly plays anywhere else.  Since everyone wants to know which the best online casinos are, I’ve listed the 9 best online casinos I’ve played sor far. Take a look:

1. BitStarz

BitStarz is a world-class casino that caters to both serious and casual players – and you don’t need to play with Bitcoin. I’m not sure if that is a common misconception, but one of the reasons I love BitStarz is their fast e-transfer deposit. It’s basically instant, and the one time I had an issue(my fault), the customer support showed their strength in getting it resolved quickly.

I am not very adventurous when it comes to playing new games, but BitStarz is overflowing with options(2600+ games). Even though I normally play slots, I had a great time with the live dealer games. Unfortunately, I can’t compete with the serious players when it comes to the level-up promos that BitStarz has to offer. Nonetheless, I get my little bonuses and enjoy the experience.

Even though BitStarz really shines on desktop, I usually play on mobile, because I can’t resist those free spins in my email. I’ve withdrawn $100 from free spins (that’s the max you can get!).

BitStarz is one of the few casinos that offers a No Deposit bonus for new members. So yeah, you could get up to $100 for free, but probably not. But it’s free to try, so why not?

2. Wildz

The first time I signed up and played at Wildz, I was blown away. I started with a relatively small budget, but kept getting bonus after bonus. I was leveling up and enjoying loads of free spins. For me, it was the most exciting introduction to an online casino ever, and by this time I had already played a lot of others.

Since I have introduced my mum to Wildz, she has played there almost exclusively. She likes the simplicity of the website design so she can explore the games. Unlike me, she has played every game on every site and I wonder if the developers can release them fast enough for her.

Wildz has taken online gambling in a new direction; providing the simplicity and security that players require, and stuffing in a huge amount of bonuses that we all love. Even as an experienced player, joining Wildz felt so fresh and exciting. In finding the best online casino, I would definitely start here if I was brand new.

3. Leo Vegas

Leo Vegas offers more than most online casinos and lets you take it all on the road. At least that’s my experience with Leo Vegas. I used to travel a lot for work, and sometimes to places where there is not a casino for several kilometres. Leo Vegas packs all the entertainment in one place with their mobile app – an online casino, sports betting and bingo!

But one of the most honourable things about Leo Vegas, is they recognize the need for support when gambling on any of these games gets out of hand. Leo Vegas is the only casino I know that has its own dedicated website for problem gambling support. While every casino is required to have some kind of support or self exclusion system, Leo Vegas goes above and beyond here and it’s good for players.

I am not traveling as much these days and so I find myself playing Leo Vegas on the desktop more than on mobile, and while I get the same great casino experience on the desktop site, I also don’t have the obligation of wearing pants, so there’s that.

4. Jackpot City

Jackpot City is probably one of the most well-known and established casinos on this list.  They have been Canada’s favourite for a number of years, as provincial online casinos have been slow to evolve. It doesn’t matter where you are in Canada – Jackpot City is always just a couple clicks away. (How’s that pun?)

Licensed in Canada by the Kahnawake Gaming Association, Jackpot City boasts to be the greatest online casino in Canada, and they might be right; even if only by a technicality. Still Jackpot City delivers an outstanding casino experience, with truckload of popular games from the top international game developers.

The easy-to-navigate website has an updated look and is a treat for new and experience players alike, but the promo calendar is something special to me. I like to plan my gambling, and Jackpot City gives me a quick heads up as soon as I log in. I like to demo a few new games before making a deposit, because I will never have enough money to play all the new games here.

5. Slotsmillion

I honestly think Slotsmillion is trying to live up to their name, because they have so many slots, that if you were to ask how many they have I would say about a million. Even though that would be a huge exaggeration, Slotsmillion still boasts one of the biggest gaming catalogues I have ever seen at an online casino.

A huge selection of games is great, but not such a big deal for me. However, Slotsmillion brings something else to the table that nobody else does – A Virtual Reality Casino. Yep. If you have a compatible VR headset(Oculus Rift), you can enjoy a VR experience at Slotsmillion. If not, you can still get a similar experience in your desktop browser. It’s neat, and I am a future buff, so I am excited to see where it goes from here.

When I signed up at Slotsmillion, I noticed something else that was different than other casinos. I had to verify my identity before I could make a deposit. Verification is normal, so it didn’t bother me, but it did take a couple days, so I ended up playing at another casino in the meantime and went back when I was verified.

6. Dunder

I came across Dunder on a trip out west and it was my favourite online casino for a while. Dunder has a very simple interface and sorts the games really well. I prefer to browse games by category, and Dunder makes it so easy to do that. I found most of my favourite games on Dunder by browsing this way, and still prefer their game presentation over other online casinos.

The website design is a big reason why I love Dunder. There is no clutter on the site, and the navigation is easy to find. Everything translates well from desktop to mobile, and as you scroll, the games keep appearing. Dunder manages their game catalogue better than most other online casinos,  as it is just as easy to find new games as is is to find older favourites. Dunder keeps their gaming catalogue from feeling like it is overflowing with selection, but always has something new.

Dunder has recently undergone some ownership changes, and is now restricted in some regions, reminding me that it is always good to stay up on industry news and to be aware of my local restrictions. Though since it is still available to Canadians, Dunder remains to be one of my favourite online casinos.

7. Caxino

Seasoned players will recognize Caxino as the sister casino to Wildz. Released shortly after the success of Wildz, Caxino became a popular change of scenery with just enough familiarity. The two casinos share some of their best features, but offer players enough of a change to be distinguished as separate entities. 

Caxino is another great online casino for beginners, as its easy-to-navigate website is filled with the world’s most popular casino games and covered in bonuses and features.  Like a jelly donut with colourful sprinkles, Caxino is my guilty pleasure when it comes to online gambling. I like to take a small bite out of my budget and see what happens.

Caxino steps up their game with a dynamic rewards system that lets players with any budget feel like VIP. While Caxino might look similar to Wildz on the surface, the Spinbox feature sets them apart. Caxino offers one of the most personalized experiences of all the online casinos I have tried, and should not be dismissed as a copy without first trying it.

8. Wheelz

You know things are getting serious when the Hoff is on the scene. From the days of Knight Rider I was obsessed with David Hasselhoff, and no man needs to clarify their sexuality on that. David Hasselhoff was the definition of cool during my childhood, with an insanely awesome futuristic car, and as the man in charge on the show that made me want to learn how to almost drown in the ocean.

Suffice to say, that I was excited when Wheelz stepped on the scene with David Hasselhoff as their spokesmodel. The people that brought us Wildz and Caxino had done it again and I needed to check it out for myself! So what’s it like? Let’s just say it’s Hofftastic. Players can receive a surprise visit from the Hoff at random moments with his Extra Wheel.

Wheelz is stocked with bonuses, and it seems all the best features from Wildz and Caxino are Hoff’d up for a bigger and bolder online casino experience. Which is exactly what I would expect for the once most watched man on television. I just can’t tell my mum about it or I will never hear from her again.

9. Ruby Fortune

Ruby Fortune comes from the same great people that brought us Jackpot City, and is licensed in Canada as well. With hundreds of popular games and a stylish website, Ruby Fortune is a great online casino experience for any player. The modern website design is not only stunning, but easy to navigate for any level of player.

There are two things that set Ruby Fortune apart from other online casinos. The first, is that Ruby Fortune really caters to high rollers. VIP players get their own casino host and exclusive bonuses, but that doesn’t mean that other players are left out in the cold either.  New players can enjoy a No Deposit bonus, giving them an opportunity at cash without spending their own money.

The other thing that sets Ruby Fortune apart from other casinos is not really important to anyone else. Ruby was my pet and a very beautiful dog. When I see the word I think of her. When I was researching Jackpot City, I saw Ruby Fortune and that’s how I came to try out this casino.  Ruby Fortune offers much of what I am looking for in an online casino, but also a lovely reminder of a beautiful dog.

Which Online Casino Is The Best?

Let’s be fair, most people only care about the payout. I have seen my mother play some really terrible games because she won some money. In fact, one of the first online casinos I tested was a very outdated one, but she won $1000+ and was happy about that. So what does performance matter? Like I said, it’s all about your own experience. I only care that people play smart, read the rules and know when to walk away. Whether it is my mother or not, gambling should always be just for fun. I hope you have a great time, play smart and win big!