5 Steps To Gambling Online Safely

Online casinos have a dark and storied past, and much of it still exists today. Not all online casinos are legitimate, or even legal, and some of the people that promote them seem to want to trick others into playing. 

New players are the target for unethical advertisers across the globe, driven by a growing demand in the multi-billion dollar online gambling industry. It’s disconcerting, so we made this quick guide to help new players learn the safest way to get into online gambling.

Our hope is to take you through the logical steps from finding a trustworthy online casino, right to making your first wager.

Getting Into Online Gambling In 5 Steps

1. Find An Online Casino You Can Trust

The hardest part of deciding where to play is who to trust. Your money and personal information are at risk and the industry landscape is a lucrative place for unethical advertisers and illegitimate casinos.

2. Test Out The Games For Free To See What You Like

Traditional casinos require players to deposit money to play, but online casinos offer the benefit of free play. New players are not conditioned to test games for free, and lose money trying out unfamiliar games.

3. Pick Your New Player Bonus

Bonus offers are all glitz and glamour but rarely any substance. Most of the important information about a bonus is hidden in the terms and conditions.

4. Get Your Documents Ready

Legitimate online casinos want you to prove your identity before they pay out big winnings, but in an industry where it’s hard to know who to trust, gamblers are thinking they are getting scammed.

5. Deposit & Play!

International payment options and unfamiliar games make it challenging to trust even a legitimate online casino at first glance, but it helps to know which ones really serve their players.

There's No "Best" Online Casino

After testing a number of online casinos over the years, we have definitely found our favourites. While no one will agree on what the best online casino is, we all agree the important thing is to know what to look for in a good one.

Many online casinos share the same games and are just carbon copies of each other, but the best in the world offer something more. We’ve enjoyed heart-racing excitement and real payouts from online casinos that rival similar experiences we’ve had at traditional casinos, but that’s just our experience.

We really don’t want you to take our word for it, and instead see for yourself. These online casinos have lots of important information on their websites, and you can even try some games for free. No registration is required.

Further Reading Ahead

It’s possible to jump through the first ad you see online and land at a legitimate online casino, but the goal is to play at the best online casinos, not the ok ones. Understanding how online slots and casinos work will help you to build a strategy to stretch your budget as long as possible, and to maximize your entertainment value. 

If you have any further questions after reading this guide, please send us a message. We aren’t new to online casinos, but we’re new to sharing our knowledge and experience, and we’d love to know how we can be better at it. Email: hello@choiceonlinecasinos.com

In the next few posts, we will walk through each one of the steps to gambling online safely. 

David Maxwell
David Maxwell

David is a hobby gambler and poker player who has played in casinos across Canada and loves to play online. David created Choice Online Casinos as a way to introduce others to the exciting world of online gambling.

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