For new players entering the world of online gambling, we ranked our 5 favourite online casinos. Each has their own great features, so the best one is whichever you enjoy the most.

  1. Wildz
  2. BitStarz
  3. Leo Vegas
  4. Slotsmillion
  5. Jackpot City

Wildz: The Best Online Casino For New Players

For anyone who is just getting into playing at online casinos, the best online casino to start with is Wildz. It’s not our choice for the best online casino overall, but for the best entryway into the world of online gambling, it’s an easy winner.

New players get more at Wildz

Wildz is currently our favourite online casino for new players. The welcome bonus is incredible. It just felt like they kept throwing bonus after bonus at us. The slogan for Wildz is “Get More” and players actually do get more at Wildz than at most other online casinos. The loyalty program at Wildz is one of the best around because it really makes players with a smaller budget feel special.

Every qualified bet or spin at Wildz will help players collect points to level up and earn rewards. The rewards are unique, like extra bonus points, additional free spins and even a boost that puts your level meter to 99%, so you just need a few real money spins to hit the next level and possibly the next reward.

...But wait, there's even more

Wildz has introduced a revolutionary feature to the online gambling industry, called Spinback. Wildz Spinback feature gives players another chance at winning, but you’ll have to see it in action to get the full effect. Spinback feature is only available when playing for real money, and on selected games – read the full details here.

Why we play at Wildz

We love the Wildz mascot and the great styling of the website, with all the bright and fun colours. The games are very easy to browse and the site is really simplified, which makes it a great entry-level online casino. The goal of the Wildz developers was to bring players a simplified online casino without taking away from the experience, and we think they nailed it.

BitStarz: Award-Winning Bitcoin Casino

Cryptocurrency has been growing in popularity and acceptance much more steadily since the explosive growth of Bitcoin in the past few years. Owning cryptocurrency in itself has been considered gambling due to its volatility as an investment, while the ownership confidentiality it provides, has sparked opportunities for money laundering and fraud. Despite the negative landscape in which cryptocurrency thrives, it has become a fixture in online gambling.

BitStarz is more than the best for Bitcoin

BitStarz is not only a major player in the crypto-gambling industry, but also leads the way in our favourite online casinos for serious players. BitStarz has over 2600 games. The only other online casino listed here with more games is Slotsmillion, and no other online casino we play delivers a better experience. The customer support team is among the highest rated online, solving deposit and withdrawal issues through chat and following up faster than you would expect. Even the marketing team at BitStarz leads the way in demonstrating how businesses should communicate with their customers.

A new online casino with a bright future ahead

With the exception of WIldz and Caxino, BitStarz is the newest online casino that we play. But the way they stay on the cutting-edge of innovation shows there is a lot of experience on their team. BitStarz has the fastest deposit and withdrawal times of all the casinos we play and just updated their website to improve the user experience even more. For anyone who is skeptical about the legitimacy of their gaming operation, BitStarz proudly offers to pull back the curtain to show how their games are provably fair.

Why we play at BitStarz

BitStarz gives you the opportunity to test out their site and their games for free, but the real excitement begins when you finally get to play for real. Every player is treated like a VIP regardless of their budget, but the big players win especially big, because BitStarz does an incredible job of tracking play and offering measured incentives. Plus, BitStarz is the only place where we have won real money for free – twice! Those Friday Free Spins can turn into $100 cash, so we check every Friday for that email.

Leo Vegas: The King Of Mobile Casinos

Most internet users are coming from their mobile phones, so it makes sense that an online casino is well equipped to serve it’s player’s needs in such a way. Leo Vegas touts themselves as the “King of mobile casinos,” a distinction that could be argued, but is also backed by a well-executed mobile website design and large selection of online slots and live dealer games. Leo Vegas is one of the first online casinos that we have enjoyed, and with a bright future for online gambling ahead, we see the potential for Leo Vegas to truly define themselves as the King of mobile casinos.

But even when staying at home, Leo Vegas still delivers an elevated online casino experience. The full screen display is warm and inviting, bringing players into the gaming environment with backgrounds that adapt to each page. Similar games are shared among the top online casinos, but Leo Vegas still manages to deliver a few exciting additions to the mix that are exclusively their own.

The Best Bonus For New Players

We think Leo Vegas has the best welcome bonus for a big deposit. Leo Vegas will allow a one-time deposit up to $1000 and match that amount 100%. This is similar to all the other casinos, but the wagering requirement is only 25x, compared to 30x-70x at other online casinos.

Leo Vegas Is all About Their Players

Not only does Leo Vegas offer an astounding welcome bonus, their team stands apart from other top online casinos by offering best in class support for problem gambling. Leo Safe Play is it’s own website with tools and information to assist gamblers who need support. Since safe gambling is our priority, we always recommend Leo Vegas for those who want access to additional information or support.

Why we play at Leo Vegas

For experienced gamblers who want to maximize their budget and take the excitement on the road, Leo Vegas is the top choice. Serious players can install the app on their mobile device and enjoy the best mobile gambling experience on the road.

Good To Know

Leo Vegas offers a wide variety of gambling options beyond the casino. Players can also enjoy sports betting and bingo with Leo Vegas. 

Slotsmillion: A Virtual Reality Casino Experience

If game selection is your priority, then you will find the most online slots at Slotsmillion. A recently updated website has brought Slotsmillion back into the limelight. The long-time online casino operator has been given a facelift and added a lot more excitement to their game catalogue, including virtual reality gambling that has flown under the radar in Canada.

With Slostmillion you're Virtually There

Slotsmillion is the first online casino to offer virtual reality real money online gambling, and we suspect there will be many other online casinos to soon follow suit. Players who own the Oculus Rift VR goggles will get the full experience, but Slotsmillion makes this feature available to anyone playing on their desktop computer. In case you are just hearing about it, Slotsmillion released their VR casino in 2015 – you’ve been missing out!

An Astounding Selection Of Games

With such a large selection of games, it’s a wonder that Slotsmillion is able to organize it all, but their catalogue is one of the easiest to browse of all online casinos. Players can filter the search in a variety of ways to zero in on the game they are looking for, and try games for free without registering. It’s worth taking a look at the new Slotsmillion website even if you’re brand new, because it is really quite exciting.

Why we play at Slotsmillion

Slotsmillion offers a virtual experience like none other, but new players should not be too eager to jump into bet for real. At Slotsmillion, as every new player has to be verified before being allowed to gamble on the site. We think it’s a great safety feature, and it’s definitely worth the short wait.

Jackpot City: Canada's Favourite Online Casino

Canada loves Jackpot City, and so do we, because Jackpot City was one of the first online casinos we learned to trust. Having decades of experience in the industry and being licensed in Canada really helps, but when we are looking for a boost of excitement, heading back to Jackpot City always proves to be a good choice.

A Trusted Online Casino For over 20 Years

Jackpot City has been paying winners in Canada since 1998 and their website has grown over the years to be one of the most informative among our favourite online casinos. Players can find statistics on games, see recent winners and try out games for free on the site, but avid online casino enthusiasts are treated to an updated collection of blog posts covering various aspects of the casino industry.

Bringing Jackpot City To Cottage Country

Enjoying Jackpot City on the weekend can mean a few quick spins of the online slots by brunch and then catching up on the news over some tea before playing Blackjack in front of a live dealer. The most accessible real money games are at Jackpot City, as it requires the lowest minimum deposit of all the online casinos we love. 

And the bonuses don’t stop coming, as players will receive daily deals from Jackpot City that are tailored to their play. It’s this kind of automatic service that sets online casinos like Jackpot City apart from traditional casinos.

Why we play at Jackpot City

For a little bit of Las Vegas nostalgia, the look and feel of the Jackpot City website is just right. We like to play Jackpot City exclusively on our laptop with the sound up and the lights down, turning our computer station into our own personal slot machine.

There's No "Best" Online Casino

After testing a number of online casinos over the years, we have definitely found our favourites. While no one will agree on what the best online casino is, we all agree the important thing is to know what to look for in a good one.

Many online casinos share the same games and are just carbon copies of each other, but the best in the world offer something more. We’ve enjoyed heart-racing excitement and real payouts from online casinos that rival similar experiences we’ve had at traditional casinos, but that’s just our experience.

We really don’t want you to take our word for it, and instead see for yourself. These online casinos have lots of important information on their websites, and you can even try some games for free. No registration is required.