When a player signs up at an online casino, they usually have the option to add a bonus to their account. These bonuses are similar but varied among online casinos with the premise being adding additional funds to a player’s account to help them play longer. Trusted online casinos will always have details on how their bonus offers work, and the best ones will let you opt out.

Bonus offers always require some sort of wagering amount to be met, usually 30-50 times the amount of the bonus given, making it difficult (but not impossible) for a player to turn bonus funds into real money. The worst kinds of online marketers are spreading misinformation regarding bonuses and portraying them as free money. The advertising of bonus offers like this has been recognized as spreading misinformation and is now illegal in some legal gambling jurisdictions.

Should You Take A Bonus Offer?

Take it or leave it, but never choose an online casino based on a bonus offer. The online casino industry is one of the most competitive markets that you don’t often hear about. Casinos and marketers know how much a player is worth, and they are always fine-tuning their message to appeal to as many people as possible. Unsurprisingly they get the most response from throwing money in people’s faces. Huge bonus offers and a promise of big wins are seen plastered across the internet, when the reality is, bonus offers are rarely turned into real money and actually cause players to spend more.

Are Bonuses Only For New Players?

Definitely not. The deposit bonuses advertised online are incentive for new players, but the best online casinos have even better promotions in store for their regulars and VIPs. Registering for an online casino adds your email to their database, and they will send you promotions if you allow them. Many promotions are additional deposit bonuses, but you may also encounter free spins and bonus funds being added automatically to your account.

The best online casinos will always allow you to opt out, so check for an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email if you aren’t getting any value from the emails. Bonuses will almost always have an expiry because the casino wants to add urgency to their incentive. If you miss out on a bonus, another one will come along, so there’s no need to worry.

Frequently Asked

Can You Win Free Money At An Online Casino?

It is highly unlikely, but it is possible. Online casinos offer marketing incentives to get their players playing, and that often means Free Spins. If the free spins result in a bonus balance in the player’s account, the player will be able to withdraw that balance after the wagering requirements are met. Casinos recognize this probability of this, and outline a cap in their terms to mitigate the loss.

How Do Free Spins Work?

Free Spins are a marketing tool used to drive traffic into an online casino. A player will receive a notification that they have earned a predetermined number of spins on a certain online slot. The casino determines the game, the amount of spins and the amount wagered per spin. The amount (if any) won becomes bonus funds and is subject to wagering requirements set by the casino prior ro withdrawal. The purpose of the incentive is to get the player back into the casino so they are one step closer to making a deposit.

Good To Know

The key to a good bonus is in the wagering requirement. A wagering requirement of 30x-70x is the industry standard, depending on the game. Some online casinos show off a large bonus, but also have a large wagering requirement attached. Be sure to check the bonus terms and conditions of any bonus you plan to enjoy before accepting it, and never choose an online casino strictly based on the bonus offer.

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