How Online Casinos Work

An online casino is a website that hosts casino games in which players wager real money. The games found in traditional casinos are adapted for web based gaming, with the majority of the games being online slots. Classic casino games like poker, blackjack, roulette, and baccarat use video technology to employ a live dealer to further simulate the traditional casino experience.

Can You Win Real Money At An Online Casino?

Absolutely. In fact, casinos rely upon players winning to boost their reputation with others. Everyone wants to win, so when a casino or game shows to be paying, it entices other players to try it out. A trustworthy online casino has a separate account for the gambling funds as per their license requirements. This is to ensure they always have funds available to pay their winners.

What Is Winning Like At An Online Casino?

Online casinos take more time to pay out than traditional casinos. Withdrawal times vary between online casinos, with the best ones having the fastest times. In many cases an online casino will request information to verify the winner’s identity prior to withdrawal. This request may be referred to as KYC or Know Your Customer on the casino’s website. This a measure to counter money laundering activities and should be lauded. 

However, due to the lack of credible information on the internet, many people are shocked when they discover they’re required to upload documents and photos prior to withdrawing funds, which results in an even longer wait time. Once a player has found a trustworthy online casino, it is important to submit the KYC documents as soon as possible after registration.

Some casinos will insist on this verification before a new player makes any real money wagers.

Good To Know

Provincial online casinos in Canada require users to verify before depositing, as does Slotsmillion from our list of casinos, and we think that’s a good idea. If you feel yourself acting hastily towards being able to play for real money, you may benefit from a gambling self-assessment. There’s a self-help questionnaire at BeGambleAware.org that we trust and love because it only takes a minute and no one else needs to know unless there’s a problem. Take the assessment and find out.

How Do You Know An Online Casino Is Fair?

In short, they are willing to prove it.

There is an overwhelmingly compelling reason for casinos to run a fair and legitimate game – the global online gambling market was valued at 53.9 billion USD in 2019 and is expected to grow compoundly by more than 11% annually through 2027. That’s a huge market to be leading as a trustworthy online casino and a big opportunity to burn if a casino gets blacklisted.

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Even if the odds are against a casino running a shady game, it’s still good to know how to find out if the games are rigged.

In the next post we will focus on How Online Slots Work. 

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