Online slots use random number generation software in combination with graphics, sound and animations in order to mimic the slot machine experience in a physical casino. Random number generation software is what gives the player the outcome, and all the rest is for show. Well, not exactly. Everything is calculated down to the last decimal point, starting with the random number generator.

What Is A Random Number Generator?

A random number generator can be just like rolling the dice, the flip of a coin, or playing the roulette wheel. But when it comes to online casinos, the RNG is an important piece of technology that uses a complex algorithm to generate an outcome at the click of a button. 

The RNG helps to ensure that gamblers are playing a fair game, and that they have a real chance to win, but this software is not tamper-proof. So, in addition to using random number generating software, a trustworthy online casino will also employ a third party auditor to certify that their games are fair. A recognized name in RNG certification is eCorga.

How An Online Casino Makes Money

Casinos make money when you lose, and the games are calculated in the casino’s favour, so you will eventually lose in the long run. The goal of the casino is to keep you playing as long as possible, because just like the complex algorithm that’s used for an online casino’s RNG, there’s a mathematical equation that results in the house winning over the long term.

Further Reading Ahead

The attractive bonuses that online casinos use to lure players onto their websites have been helping to drive the booming industry, but are they really all they seem? The next post delves further into how bonuses work, and if they are right for you. 

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