In the search for a trustworthy online casino, the best thing a new player can do is arm themselves with as much credible information as possible. However, one of the biggest hurdles a new player faces, is knowing what information to trust in the online casino industry. Often a Google search will result in the best information on a given topic, but this is not the case when searching for online casinos. The legal restrictions, combined with the lucrative opportunity for gambling revenue, means the search results page is filled with affiliate ads, and most information sources are actually independent marketing websites.

How Online Casinos Are Advertised

The legality of online casinos differs across the world, which impacts the way they are allowed to be advertised. The most prolific way of advertising an online casino is through affiliate marketing. In Canada, only provincial gambling operations are allowed to advertise on traditional media, and those ads are often restricted further to a certain time of day or channel. This is in an attempt to avoid the accidental exposure to minors, because gambling can be dangerously addictive and should only be handled responsibly.

Affiliate marketers operate within a legal grey area, leading to much of the misinformation in the industry. There are still many reputable marketers in the industry, but those who run misleading advertisements on popular social media platforms make it more challenging for reputable sources to earn credibility. Seasoned audiences are weary of big bonus money propositions from anonymous advertisers, but new players are especially vulnerable.

Still, in this world of online gambling, some illegitimate casinos and marketers are betting short term and capitalizing on the lack of credible information available to new players. As these imitators get better, it becomes more important for new players to be able to recognize them, because they are the ones at the highest risk of falling victim to fake casinos and reviews.

How To Spot A Fake Online Casino Review

It’s easy: Assume every review of an online casino is fake. Finding trustworthy information about online casinos through a simple Google search is not reliable, and so new players need to be cautious in taking any review’s words at face value. The legal grey area in which online casinos operate is what makes the misinformation so common. Marketers are clogging up the internet with spam ads and fake reviews in an attempt to drive players to the casinos that pay the highest commissions. 

It’s not a coincidence that so many online casino review sites look exactly the same. Often multiple sites are owned by webmasters playing the numbers game, with almost every website following the same format: A table of casinos at the top of the page with links and bonus offers to claim. Many of these pages have been generating income for their webmasters for several years, as evidenced by the fact that many of these sites look like they were made in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

To combat the misinformation online, a trustworthy online casino will seek to provide inquiring new players with as much transparency as possible. Their website will proudly display their available regions, license and accreditation along with any awards, policies, payment methods, bonus terms and contact information. The best online casinos also have additional support for problem gambling and 24/7 chat with their dedicated player support team. 

Yet, the most reliable source for credible information about online gambling will always be on government websites and non-profit organizations that support problem gambling. These are the first websites every new player should visit, not only to know if online gambling is legal, but also to see what credible sources are saying about online gambling in general. It’s easier to identify when another source is providing false information, when you are familiar with how online casinos and gambling work.

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